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    In the paper, foil film cutting, such as thin material requirements of occasions, the cutter abrasion resistance minimum, maximum. And due to the requirements of the accuracy of the goods, the tool must achieve micron level accuracy is an absolute condition. The company is a common slitting tool of machinery manufacturers based. Therefore, in the country do not have to say, all the requirements of the overseas users can be fully satisfied, with its excellent quality and high evaluation. Also, after the sale of services, improve the user's position on the tool grinding guide system, you can get this service. Small diameter of the cutting knife, used in the roller like paper, all kinds of films, tape, metal foil, cloth, etc. on both sides of the trimming, as well as necessary to cut into strips of occasions. The shape of the cutter varies according to the cutting method, when the cutting is cut off, the side of the knife is added with pressure, the upper and the lower knife will be deviated. The company to overcome this role, the production of a quick reaction of the special dish shaped spring, and installed in the fixture above.


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