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    Automatic continuous cutting machine
    Product introduction
    1. The equipment is aimed at the production of lithium ion batteries, the positive and negative film after batch coating, continuous roll up and design.

    2.Unwinding adopts inflatable shaft, brake and tension control, photoelectric control.

    3.Two special pneumatic shafts are adopted in the receiving coil, which is completely consistent with the tension of each belt after cutting. Winding tension automatic tracking and detection and adjustment on the touch screen, so the tension is uniform and stable. The size of the volume, the cutting speed and the pressure of the pneumatic shaft are set on the touch screen.

    4. The cutting knife shaft is arranged on the small trolley, and the cutter shaft with different cutting width can be prepared. Need to be cut when the knife shaft to the cutting machine, after the mechanical positioning for cutting (positioning the program is very simple operation). When the cutting width is avoided, the trouble caused by the frequent adjustment of the cutter is improved, and the service life of the cutter is improved, and the use of the tool is suitable for large scale and small batch production. Replacement of the cutting width of the cutter shaft is mainly to solve the problem, often to adjust the precision and life of the cutter shaft is affected.

    5. Active traction using the Japanese motor control, the use of MITSUBISHI inverter control, PLC program control.

    6. Cutting with no gap, especially suitable for the cutting of the pole piece.

    7. Cutting tool using foreign advanced technology, is a leading technology in the country, cutting edge without burr.

    Technical parameter:

    1. Cutting speed: 0-55M/ minutes (stepless speed regulation)

    2. The width of the cutting width of the largest 600MM, the maximum size of the coil diameter 450MM, the maximum diameter of the winding diameter 450MM.

    3. The cutting width is determined by the user, and the cutting width 25MM (Reference) is divided into the working procedure. The width dimension tolerance is + 0.05MM.

    4. Roll deviation correction precision: + 0.2MM, rolling precision: + 0.5MM

    5. Split thickness: 0.01---0.2MM

    6. Unwinding tension: 0--100N.M winding tension: 0--100N.M

    7. Air pressure: 0.5MPA

    8. Power: 1.5KW



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