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    Only the perfect team, no perfect individual - team style
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    In order to promote the company corporate culture construction, strengthen sectoral coordination of information communication, emphasis on team spirit and cohesion of employees, the company in 5.1 Labor Day held a "bright farm tour, to return to the natural landscape, advocated by fitness movement, advocating extreme sports" as the theme of this dynamic.

      After the company's careful arrangement and plan, in 2012 05 01, all the staff of the company take the luxury tourist bus to Guangming farm, the way we tanxiaofengsheng, at this time you are exceptionally easy, from all aspects can feel the benefits offered by the company, Yao City entertainment for everyone brought joy!  Because this trip I was the person in charge, Zhang total is solely to me, so I feel very nervous, is also looking forward to, at 8 o'clock in the morning the company personnel also all wear uniforms, all personnel to Qi, arrived at 9:00 Guangming farm, in 30 minutes by total instructors Yang Chao arrangement to assign the job, we according to the attractions of grass, slacking, barbecue, manpower bicycles and ski, movable block.    
      Enter the scenic area, ready to change on grass sliding shoes, huh, huh, we are for the first time, began even shoes all don't know how to wear it, thanks to a scenic spot for our patience explain how to wear a shoe.


    Wear shoes in the grass


    The shoes, went to skiing venue, let's "family portrait".

    See the green grass, we are ready to start...




    In skiing, although there is a fall, very hard, but we all had fun.

    Suddenly, we are playing with sweat, ha ha, this second programs for water, play games... Fish... Is the time to experience the unity and cohesion of the company staff.



    Continue the fish


    Enjoy the fruits of our fish

    Happy time always flies, in the twinkling of an eye to noon, we play the belly cuckoo in trouble... At this time, here to swim in full swing, there flaming barbecue furnace has been lit, creamy chicken wings, sweet potatoes, fresh corn, eggplant fertilizer, refreshing the squid on, there is delicious steamed bread, have to battle, really is so busy, do not know to eat what good, the charcoal also accept "burn"




    Continue to exercise their own barbecue skills, we eat and drink to play with it...

    Full, drink enough, we have to show you, our fitness campaign...



    May day, "babe," said the changes for a moment while It's raining and blowing hard. in smooth water,


    Is a rain after we take pictures

    The complex weather did not affect my colleagues in the world, but more to Hing



    Extreme sports skiing

    In this way, unknowingly has reached 6 pm, a day's trip to the end, we are a bit exhausted, but we are tired and happy, because we feel a lot of harvest.


    Here, thanks to the company to provide us with this platform, let us feel the company spirit of "the courage to forge ahead and global in outlook", feel the business philosophy of "lifestyle, fine service, Sentosa casino sustainable management, highlighting the value of, feel the employee of the company holding the philosophy of" professionalism, responsibility, obedience, honesty, no any excuse ", in the future work, these happiness will be more inspired everyone efforts to move forward, for the company to create more outstanding achievements.

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